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Immediately body is shocked. wholesale nba jerseys factory shoot children do not go" When leaving this piece of bamboo lingxi time, that the spirit of the three huge array will start in an instant, suddenly boiling up between heaven and spiritual power, majestic light spread out, enveloped this area. This guy seems to be quite strong forging practice body through God tactic, otherwise, it is impossible by virtue of the strength of the late-day environment, the mountain can be punched burst. Jianguang that hit the rear, and it was that bloody wave shattered away, Los glass Jiaoqu shocked, Jitui a dozen steps, in vivo blood churn. But not this regional context, so it is impossible to count them out of the dust, animal husbandry, avoid, even by virtue of the Dragon surgery, it is still in a dozen bombers. "Well, not joking with you" Lingxi said:"Now we do not know the exact circumstances Dounong things, but I think, after the total opportunity unravel the mystery" Dust, animal husbandry, nodded, feeling some of the mind is disturbed, if really lingxi said, she used to be with the mother's side, then why would she suddenly left, but memories are wiped removed? This will not be a big trouble they met, but now, your mother and okay? "Now you tell me your body tall black tower of? If I remember correctly, she also has this" lingxi pointed picture. "As long as he was able to stick to the glass and Li Xuan Tong Luo rid of opponents.

They are running away spiritual matrix change. wholesale nba jerseys free shipping Now they apparently are waiting. "But defeated Wu armor, they still is no chance of winning ah" He muttered, now Shen has lost the common people, but will also be Tiamat child a free hand to the face of the common people are able to prevent even sink Super ruthless people, north Cang Ling hospital here. Mind as if in front of deepest soul slowly sink. wholesale nba jerseys supply Beside them, Shen common people but also pranayama out slightly pale face Color normal a little, but when he saw the blood cell that creeping into the sky, the pupil is suddenly a shrink. wholesale nba jerseys "Shen Li Xuan Tong common people and hurt it? In both of them the strength.

Because he felt the kind of power from wicked and wild animal husbandry in the dust on the body a little familiar with the taste, which is somewhat similar to the practice of their enchanted dragon out of evil spirits, but more fierce than overbearing. "Unfortunately, no second chance" Smiled dust, animal husbandry, he said. Buddha tower in the whole body, four dragon roar out, exudes ten thousand gold. However, in this Yisha, a shaking Jian Yin, suddenly resounded through the sky, and soon many people is seen surging to a Jianqi river, severely boom in the top of the body that Tarrasque child. And certainly not expected dust, animal husbandry, after that ray of immortal fire dust entering the body of animal husbandry, and no riots, dust, animal husbandry, much joy, their income will be within carefully sea air. Tiamat child eyes looking at animal husbandry Weileng dust, cold voice said:"You had to kill white Xuan, and almost killed the guy I did not think of it less than a year of time, even to this step, a process that day in relation to direct you to kill.

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