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He pondered a long while, suddenly took a step back after pace. See that road dust, animal husbandry, the familiar silhouette, suddenly relieved sigh of relief as he close to the past, and when he saw the appearance at this time when the common people sink, but could not help the consternation down. Face mask, has a black Color Tarrasque swimming, exudes a strong spiritual power fluctuations, looks like the most powerful fortress defense. wholesale nba jerseys At this point, he is physically there have been some injuries, apparently, fighting with Tarrasque child, so too he appeared a little injury. " Qingpao man gaze westward cohesion shortage platform that road was filled with evil spirits silhouette, this Tarrasque child, the idea is really bad, but compared to the magic punishment days, or to the difference between the front-line.

Dust, animal husbandry, palms clasped, which is the supreme power? This gap, no matter how much he has the means and the cards are not really its fight! Black Dragon Extreme finger volley that dust and animal husbandry, the body felt great Sumeru magic column slightly shake up, even a kind of sign to leave the body out, but fortunately it also exudes a mysterious flower mandala purple, its blockade. " Silent dust, animal husbandry, which is really full of personality lingxi elders, even the president's face not too pale to, Now he is indeed a little did not know how to do. wholesale nba jerseys nike A mistake, his life will be lost in there, and at that time, I will not come to the rescue, because it is your own choice, life and death without me nothing to do. There, animal husbandry and dust still has maintained a posture punch blasted in front of him, the ground has been torn out of a few Baizhang long crack, but crack at that end, it is in ruins.

Under their gaze Senleng that Tarrasque child is a faint smile, stood up, his eyes looked heavy indifference common people, animal husbandry and dust them. This road familiar shadows, is naturally Luo glass. "This exchange would, in fact, no good for us, but added if they win, will be trumpeted, thereby discredit our North Cang Ling hospital" Too Cang Dean smile, said:"In the past, then did not give too much care about, but these guys just take advantage of the common people and Shen Li Xuan Tong left the college to come, if not you, I think this exchange is indeed a will let them succeed, so, you be for the North Cang Ling hospital meritorious, do not worry I will therefore punish you. "Black Dragon Extreme, you broken the rules" His dull voice in the sky slid to upload, a horrible coercion filled and open, between heaven and earth aura, as if all at this point to stop the flow. Of course, this premise spiritual matrix arrangement is the need for some time, if he faces arranged in front of Tiamat child, then the latter will inevitably be interrupted interference, so he took some unexpected means, in the most violent offensive Tarrasque child, The most embarrassing moment of his own, taking advantage of the cover up those violent spiritual power fluctuations, round after round of the Indian spirit, into the air.

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